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American radio stations need more than 10,000 guests for interviews on their talk show programs every single week.

65% of radio talk show interviews are done with authors.
InOutPublishing has some of the best nationally syndicated radio station talk shows that interview guests out there with a price that can't be beat.

Our list contains a little less than 1000 radio stations and growing. These talk shows, interview guests by phone. Radio stations are always looking for new, fresh material, and someone to feature on their radio talk show program.

You can be the one they interview!

Our current list includes:

Radio station call letters
Program show name
Names of the Host(s) and Producer(s)
Phone Numbers of the Host(s), Producer(s), and/or contact person
Email Addresses (95%)
Mailing Address: Street, City, State, Zip
Refining, adding, and updating our list continously.

The Truth

You can hire a publicist who will call the same numbers we have and pay him or her $200 to $300 per scheduled interview. They also have a 10 (or more) order minimum.
Hey! We'll do this for you for $80 if you like!

You can advertise on Bradley's Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR) and get about 15 to 20 interview interest calls (depending on the topic) by running 3 half page ads at a cost of $1,491 to $1,791. We know these results are fairly accurate. We know authors and self-publishers who have done this.

The cost of advertising in this case consumes somewhere between 18% and 24% of the profits and it will take more than 2 and a half months to complete this.

The cost of advertising is somewhere between $82.50 and $110 per interview interest response and you still have to get on the phone and respond to these interview interest calls.

This assumes you are able to get and do all the interviews and that it is, in fact, broadcast.

While this is a fine strategy, it is expensive. Smart people work their way up to this point and gain the confidence to be certain they are ready and can afford this option.

The average length of time it takes for distributors and wholesalers to pay their invoices is 100 days or more.  Why wait?  Distribute it yourself!

Included is a list of distributors and other value added material and resources to ensure your success!

Perhaps you've heard of Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield with their book; "Chicken Soup for the Soul" which sold more than 80 million copies.
They started out this way.
This is the exact strategy they used. When they were asked what their secret was, they said,

"We did hundreds of telephone interviews with radio stations across the country."
"Our sales went through the roof!"

What results can I expect?

While each person, product and condition is unique; we definitely could not guarantee your results one way or the other. The following are 2 case studies (It's all we have, right now). In no way is this to say; you could or will achieve these results (legally or otherwise). Results always vary.

Case Study 1

One author using radio interviews exclusively, has made more than $346,800.00 with his book. He has sold more than 20,400 books! He sold an average of 33 per interview when he started.

It takes 10 interviews just to get up to speed. After 20 interviews he had many with more than 40 sales per interview.

He does 12 to 16 interviews per week and schedules 3 or 4 additional interviews each and every day he works. It takes him 6 to 7 hours a day to accomplish this.

It's taken him a little over a year to do this because he doesn't work more than 30 hours a week!
He usually only works 4 days a week at 6 hours a day.

Case Study 2

This author has done more than 650 interviews. He has sold more than 23,000 books at $17.95 (Total purchase price) and made over $356,000.00 He even created a CD on this subject which he now sells.

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Once an interview is completed, radio stations most always rebroadcast the programs in the form of re-runs. 

This means you do the work once and reap the benefits more than that one time!

We currently charge $250 and our list will only be e-mailed. It comes in a standard adobe file, as a pdf. The list with the additional bonus material is simply too large to mail.

By purchasing you agree to be bound to our legal Non-Disclosure Agreement and are bound by law to not disclose this information to anyone ever. This is a legal binding agreement.

You can feel free to check anywhere on the Internet. You will not find a better deal anywhere.

We also include free updates. And we send you constant updates as we find new radio station guest speaker programs and make changes in our list.

While we try to keep it all updated many things are constantly changing and we urge our customers to help us keep the list up-to-date.  Any corrections needed, please email us the changes so we can inform everyone and keep it all updated.

Our clients are very happy. Here is a little of what they have said:

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"...really got my book out there!"

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